Dennis Elliott - Violin, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin Champion - Fiddler's Dream

Dennis Elliott -- Multi-Instrumentalist/Multi-Stylist


Fiddler's Dream

An instrumental album by Dennis Elliott.

Buy Fiddler's Dream using PayPal- 15$
Dennis Elliott - Fiddler's Dream

Buy Fiddler's Dream using PayPal- 15$

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Fiddler’s Dream is a collection of 17 instrumental tunes mostly from the Bluegrass and Old-Time repertoire. Being from Louisiana, I also included the tune “Jolie Blon”, so you can count ’Cajun Music in there as well! Those who know my playing style well will hear many other stylistic musical influences in my solos that are way beyond the 3 styles mentioned above – yet Fiddler’s Dream is first and foremost a Fiddle-Tune album.

I play all Fiddle, Mandolin, Banjo & Guitar parts on the album, and Brian Sulser plays the Bass Fiddle parts!

There are several originals included on the album, including New South Breakdown, Marynell’s Waltz & Rhapsody in Gm.

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Here are some excerpts from Fiddler’s Dream
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1 New South Breakdown   10 Lonesome Fiddle Blues
2 Ground Speed   11 Marynell's Waltz
3 Martin's Waltz   12 Miller's Reel
4 Fiddler's Dream   13 Bill Cheatum
5 Crazy Creek   14 Rhapsody in Gm
6 Cuckoo's Nest   15 Jolie Blon
7 Rutland's Reel   16 Road To Columbus
8 Big Mon   17 Whiskey Before Breakfast
9 Big Sciota  


Fiddler's Dream can be purchased directly from this website using PayPal!

Fiddler's Dream - 15$